Newcastle Decking Co are Newcastle’s premier deck builders,  that offers first class services to commercial and residential property owners in North East   region of NSW. Our team is comprised of profoundly qualified and experienced deck specialists who are focused on offering services that surpass our customers’ desires.

Various property owners prefer wood over other decking materials since it is sensible, intense, wonderful, and easy to maintain. Wood decking structures urgent expansion of your living space, which you can use for kitchen, entertainment, and any outside development.

At Newcastle Decking Co, our deck builders works close by you to convey first rate services. We for the most part use suitable materials and pass on results inside your plans.

We deal with a wide scope of lumbers, for instance, hardwood, softwood, and composite wood. Before we install a deck, we brief you about the open other options and allow you to make a choice subject to your money related plans.

You can create amble decking from a collection of wood, for instance, redwood and cedar. If you have to give your deck an outstanding appearance, you can pick the best other option and grant us to achieve for you. We think about your decking needs, and we promise to fulfill them.

Wooden decking is a savvy decision for your floor. Nevertheless, the cost of a wooden deck changes from wood to wood. It is vital to seek guidance from a specialist deck manufacturer before you pick another option.

Introducing a wood deck in your outside is one technique for improving the eminence of your home. At Newcastle Decking Co, our specialists can gather a deck without any preparation and keep up it for you.

As a land owner, it is imperative to familiarise yourself with the different sorts of wood decking, as explained underneath.

Timber Decking

  • Hardwood decking

Around the globe, hardwood is the most notable decking material, and its regularly used species include blackbut, spotted gum, and merbau. Note that for all intents and purposes wide scopes of hardwood are long-lasting, and their life expectancy is 25-30 years.

  • Treated pine decking

Treated pine decking is a champion among other material used in decking, and it can keep going up to thirty years. Regardless, its future depends upon whether it contacts the ground, sort of treatment, and the thickness of the posts.

Benefits of Working with Newcastle Decking Co

Getting the right specialist to install and maintain your deck can be problematic if you don’t have a thought on the best way to go about it. If you are looking for a deck builder, don’t go far; contact Newcastle Decking Co for help.

At Newcastle Co, we are focussed on offering splendid kinds of help, and here are the upsides of working with us.

  • Highly-skilled builders

Our team is comprised of qualified masters for deck plan, establishment, and support. Our deck designers regard your choice, and before they install a wall, they will work alongside you to enable you to make the right decision.

  • Licensed and insured

We care about quality services, and we are focused on surpassing your desires. All our deck engineers are approved and shielded to work inside the Newcastle region.

  • Vast experience

For a long time, we have served many clients inside and outside Newcastle and other encompassing zones. We are familiar with the installation and upkeep of wooden decks, and most of our deck builders have been working with us for more than ten years.

At Newcastle Decking Co, we generally examine with you the available decking choices and grant you to pick unreservedly.

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